How to Help Your Upset Child settle down (19 Tips That Work)



How to help your upset child settle down (19 tips that work).

My son stomped into the house. Someone upset him, and he wanted everyone to understand. He slammed the door behind him.

This wasn’t my first rodeo with my overly expressive, sensitive child. I’ve tried helping him correct his behaviour, I’ve tried reminding him of the principles of the house, which we lookout of the items we’ve including the door to the present house, which slamming it’s not how our feelings are often expressed. None of it worked.

I probably could have left him be and let him settle down on his own, but this behaviour isn’t something I would like the model for the remainder of the youngsters. How does one correct angry behaviour without consequences, pressure, or cajoling?

The thing is, my child was upset. He didn’t need a hug. He didn’t want to speak. He needed a reset.

“Wait,” I said, “Let’s have a do-over,” I added as I opened the door he just slammed.

He searched at me and stomped out of the house. I gently closed the door behind him.

In the next second, he opened it, walked into the house and calmly closed it.

“Oh, hi sunny-boy, how are you?” I asked. This was a real do-over.

He still didn’t desire to talk, and that I didn’t make him. But his visual communication was much calmer. We talked about what happened later within the day when he decided he was able to talk.

HOW TO HELP YOUR UPSET CHILD settle down – 19 TIPS that employment

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