7 Early Signs of Autism (That I Missed)



The early signs of autism aren’t always apparent in toddlers. Or, they’re a minimum of not easily recognized because of the signs of classic autism.

But, when the expectations placed on your child increase (especially social), these signs of autism start to be more evident.

For example, you’ll not notice your child’s struggle with social skills until they start kindergarten and you realize they don’t interact well with their peers or have meltdowns when they’re expected to interact or do group work with the opposite children.
We didn’t start the assessment process until my son was six years old. We finished four months before his 8th birthday.

Now, I don’t like using functioning labels. But, he’s often described as having high-functioning autism. So, for the sake of this post, I’ll be using that term. It’s also sometimes called “mild autism”.
He doesn’t have all the signs of “classic” autism so his assessment was later than the typical age (which is 4). This often happens because the signs of high-functioning autism are more subtle.

Misdiagnosis (particularly with ADHD or other conditions with overlapping symptoms) is more common for teenagers who fit the high-functioning profile.

My son omitted on early-intervention services because he was already too old once we acknowledged something wasn’t quite right.

Currently. we are waiting now for support through the school-aged autism program. But, after we knew – I noticed something.
Looking back I see they were there and that I want to share them with you.

Remember, if your child does some (or all) of the items on this list, it doesn’t mean they need autism.

What is Autism?

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