10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy: Are They Reliable?


When you are pregnant, you and your family get curious to understand the sex of the baby. This curiosity, over the generations, gave rise to many assumptions, tales, and myths about predicting the sex of a baby.

While these methods could also be fun to undertake for a few, they can’t be taken seriously as they’re not scientifically proven. during this post, MomJunction tells you about several such myths of the so-called signs and symptoms of a baby boy during pregnancy.



What Determines The Sex Of A Baby?

The baby’s sex is decided by its chromosome make-up at the time of fertilization (when the sperm meets the egg). An embryo (or the baby) receives 23 chromosomes from each of the oldsters, where one pair is formed from the sex chromosomes that determine the sex of the baby. If the baby has two X chromosomes, it’s a woman, and if it’s one X and one Y chromosomes, it’s a boy.

Sexual differences begin around the seventh week of pregnancy, and that they are influenced by genetic and environmental factors too.

Here, we list down a number of the common symptoms or signs that folks commonly believe are indicative of a baby boy. allow us to explore the myths which will make guessing the sex of the baby fun!


Myth: once you aren’t experiencing nausea or nausea, it’s a symbol that you simply are carrying a baby boy.

2. Heart rate

Myth: If you notice that the guts rate of your baby remains under 140 beats per minute, it could indicate you’re pregnant with a baby boy.

3. Skin and hair condition

Myth: Your skin is probably going to be pimple-free when carrying a boy, whereas a daughter borrows the mother’s beauty, deteriorating her skin. The mother also will have longer and lustrous hair just in case she’s carrying a boy.

4. Food cravings

If you crave for sour or salty foods, you’re more likely to possess a boy.

Fact: there’s no scientific evidence that supports this claim. Cravings might be thanks to hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, pharmacologically active substances (present in specific foods), cultural and psychosocial factors. However, there isn’t enough more research to support these hypotheses.

5. Tummy positioning

Carrying low is one among the signs you’re having a baby boy.

Fact: The way you carry doesn’t indicate the baby’s sex. a search study published within the journal Birth, states that neither this nor the opposite ways of predicting a baby’s sex were right (6). The postural changes of a pregnant woman could also be associated with the dimensions of the baby and therefore the shape of your uterus.

6. Mood changes

you’re not susceptible to mood swings if you’re carrying a boy, but you’ll be if you’re pregnant with a woman.

Fact: Mood swings during pregnancy are thanks to hormonal changes and undue to the baby’s sex.

7. Urine colour

the colour of your urine changes during pregnancy, and if it appears dark, it indicates that you simply are carrying a baby boy.

Fact: Urine changes are common during pregnancy. Dark urine could be a symbol of dehydration, which could happen thanks to nausea and vomiting. Urine colour can also change with foods, medications, and supplements, and isn’t associated with sex prediction.

8. Breast size

once you carry a baby boy, your right breast is greater than the left one.

Fact: Hormonal changes during pregnancy improve the blood flow and cause changes within the breast tissue that make them feel bigger. Breasts tend to swell as they steel oneself against breast milk supply to nurture your baby after birth. However, there’s no evidence of breast changes being linked to the sex of the baby.

9. Cold feet

If you’ve got icy-cold feet, it’s a sign you’re carrying a baby boy.

Fact: timidity during pregnancy might be thanks to poor blood circulation, diabetes, or extreme weather (11).Consult your doctor for further diagnosis and care.

10. Weight gain

Once you carry a baby boy, the additional pounds are mostly visible at the stomach, but once you are carrying a woman, the load is distributed everywhere the body, including the face.
Most pregnant women gain weight throughout their pregnancy, and a substantial weight gain is an important part of a healthy pregnancy and isn’t determined by the sex of the baby
Medical Tests which will Indicate Your Baby’s Sex During Pregnancy.

Some of the quality medical procedures which will be wont to determine your unborn baby’s sex

t is a non-invasive thanks to determining the sex of the baby and is typically done between weeks 18 and 22 (13). The ultrasonographer might not always detect the sex if the baby’s position isn’t ideal or if the pregnancy has not progressed. In these cases, you’ll need to choose a repeat scan.

Fetal DNA blood tests

New research by Diana W. Bianchi and her colleagues, published within the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) journal, reveals that taking a biopsy around weeks 6 to 10 may help detect the baby’s sex.

The mother’s blood carries traces of fetal DNA, which determines the Y-chromosomal sequence that would reveal the sex of the baby These tests are usually not haunted unless you’re over 35 years and wish genetic investigation.

Genetic Testing

There are invasive tests that allow definitive determination of the sex.

They include amniocentesis and chorionic villi sampling (CVS), like fetal DNA biopsy but won’t detect the sex as early as them.

Amniocentesis is performed after the 15th week while CVS after 11th week (16).

Both carry a coffee risk of miscarriage and thus, might be considered for older couples and people with a history of genetic disorders.

If you would like the sex of the baby to be a surprise, but still want to possess fun guessing if it’s a boy or a woman, we have got a couple of ideas listed for you next.

Party Games to spot you’re Carrying A Baby Boy

Here are some fun games that you simply can consider guessing the baby’s sex. Note that these practices are just for fun and aren’t scientifically-backed or recommended methods to seek out the baby’s sex.

the marriage Ring Trick

Tie your wedding band with an extended piece of string then dangle the suspended ring over your bumped belly.
If the ring swings during a circular motion, it could mean that you’re having a boy.

The Key To The Mystery

In the following trick, you’re told to select up the key placed ahead of you.
According to traditional belief, if you grab the long end of the key, you’re having a baby boy. However, if you choose the round end, you’re having a daughter.

Chinese calendar

The Chinese birth calendar invented quite 700 years ago is believed to assist within the determination of your baby’s sex.
The chart could determine your baby’s sex by using your exact birth date and month of your conception.


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